Cloud: Public Budgeting

Cloud: Public Budgeting

Explore smart solution for public budgeting in cloud.

Imagine a fully managed and documented process for your public budget. Cloud: Public Budgeting is a predefined solution that facilitates your budgeting process starting from initial budget chapter settings, through detailed departments / organizations budget items collection, up to the detailed monitoring of the budget execution.

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  • Integrated - Organization structure integrated
  • Ready to use - Your budgeting can start immediately
  • Validated - Validated and checked budget controls
  • Visualized - Visualized budgeting process

What is the difference?

Guided budget entry

  • Budgeting process is formed from individual tasks which are directly sent to depicted user, including the possibility of further task delegation.
  • Data entry from organizations/departments is checked directly during the entry, validated against the set rules for of possible accounts / cost types / budget chapters/ budget funds.

Budget process monitoring & locking

  • Budgeting process state monitored for each organization/department. At each minute you exactly know which parts of budget have been completed, approved and which are still subject to change. 
  • Approved parts of budget are locked so that no user can change the once entered budget.

Automated validations

  • At each state budget is validated against given rules. Budget funds, grant programs, EU subsidies can be directly validated to allowed cost types, project types or other parameters.

Detailed evidence of budget changes

  • Each budget change is followed and monitored in detail. Changes in budget chapter are validated and approved in simpler workflow while more multiple approvals can be required in case of cross-chapter change.

Powered by HANA Cloud Platform 

Solution is using HANA database for cloud applications. This in-memory database if fully optimized for running extremely complex calculations and processes and thus allows for immediate budget monitoring and checking.

Cloud enabled

Functionality is delivered as a service in highly secured SAP cloud platform. This means no extra cost is needed for hardware, IT staff and maintenance. Solution is highly scalable and can support thousands of users working together on the same budgeting model.

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